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Extensive number of links and articles on various aspects of nonprofit organizations.
Action without Borders Action Without Borders is a global coalition of individuals and organizations working to build a world where all people can live free, dignified and productive lives. It focuses on five goals from which everyone can benefit and to which anyone can contribute: promoting action and participation around the world; sharing ideas, experience and information; Exanding the pool of resources available for good work; facilitating collaboration among individuals, organizations, schools, businesses and other institutions; promoting the freedom to do all this.
Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory The Directory is dedicated to helping others keep in touch and informed on the World Wide Web. With thousands of sites, it is the largest exclusively environmental organization directory on the Web and includes sites from over 100 countries.
Beliefnet An omnibus site of news, information, discussion about religion, morality, and culture.
Charities Aid Foundation Online CAF is a non-governmental organisation with a unique purpose, to increase the substance of philanthropy around the world. Wherever we work we aim to help donors make the most of their giving, and non profit organisations make the most of their resources. Part of the CAF site, Charitynet offers links and discussion groups.
Foundation News and Commentary Searchable Archive of Council on Foundations publication.
Firestone Library, Princeton University Data and Statistical Services is part of Firestone Library's Social Science Reference Center. DSS maintains the University Data Library and provides reference and consulting support to users of electronic data.
The Foundation Center The mission of the Foundation Center is to foster public understanding of the foundation field by collecting, organizing, analyzing, and disseminating information on foundations, corporate giving, and related subjects. Our audiences include grantseekers, grantmakers, researchers, policymakers, the media, and the general public.
Guidestar A searchable database of more than 620,000 nonprofit organizations in the United States.
Independent Sector on Civil Society Research: Nonprofit Pathfinder Online information resource for civil society organizations. Subsites on innovations, measuring impact, research resources, and bibliographies provide links to other web sites, publications, and programs.
  • The State of the Independent Sector
  • Giving and Voluntarism Report 1999
The nonprofit Institute for Global Communications (IGC) changed the way the progressive community worked by introducing them to email, online discussions, mailing lists and the Web. Today IGC Internet offers progressive individuals and groups a place on the Internet to learn, meet and organize. IGC Internet is changing to take its community of activists and nonprofit professionals into the Internet's next wave by focusing on content, information sharing and new, collaborative tools.
Internet Nonprofit Center The Internet Nonprofit Center offers information for and about nonprofit organizations in the United States. The Locator assists with clarifying the legal name and exact location of any nonprofit registered with the Internal Revenue Service. The Nonprofit FAQ ("Frequently Asked Questions") presents information on a wide range of topics of interest to leaders and managers of nonprofit organizations The Library offers longer essays and analysis of the nonprofit sector from a variety of points of view. The Form 990 Project offers demonstrations of practical steps toward using the Internet to file the required information with the Internal Revenue Service and also make the same information available to the public through the World-Wide Web.
The Johns Hopkins Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project A systematic effort to study the nonprofit sector in a cross-section of countries.
The National Bureau of Economic Research The NBER is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of how the economy works. Research is conducted by more than 500 university professors around the country, the leading scholars in their fields.
National Center for Nonprofit Boards NCNB is the world's largest, most comprehensive publisher of material on nonprofit governance, offering more than 100 booklets, books, videos, and audiotapes. In addition to printed materials, it provides assistance and resources through its Board Information Center, website, and workshops. NCNB's governance consultants work directly with nonprofit leaders to provide customized training designed to meet an organization's needs. Each year NCNB conducts a National Leadership Forum, bringing together 600-700 board members and executives of nonprofit organizations. In 1995, NCNB launched its Global Program, an effort to strengthen the boards of nongovernmental organizations throughout the world through partnerships and capacity building.
Nonprofit Resources Catalogue This site is a personal project started in September, 1994, and managed by Phillip Walker, to catalogue Internet sites that may benefit nonprofits. Walker heads all online services for United Way Online. A business-oriented site that focuses on using the Internet in the business world. This link is to the site's section on nonprofits
Urban Institute Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy The Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy (CNP) explores the role and impact of nonprofit organizations in democratic societies. CNP seeks to develop, maintain, and expand data on nonprofit organizations. The Center works to build research tools, contribute to sensible theory, and develop applications that illuminate both policy and practice in the nonprofit sector. A major part of the Center's work is undertaken through the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS), which serves as the national repository from the Internal Revenue Service and other sources of statistical information on the nonprofit sector.
Volunteermatch: Volunteer Opportunities Online ImpactOnline is a nonprofit organization investing in the development of public interest Internet applications. VolunteerMatch, the organization's premier service, helps individuals nationwide find volunteer opportunities posted by local nonprofit and public sector organizations. An online database allows volunteers to search thousands of one-time and ongoing opportunities by zip code, category, and date. They sign up by email. Contributing organizations post their own opportunities, giving volunteers easy access to an accurate and diverse source of activities.
Who Offers What Links to products and services of value to the nonprofit sector, including education, publication, support, and technical assistance organizations.