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The Graduate Center, CUNY stands at the apex of the CUNY system, a consortium of junior and senior colleges and graduate and professional schools that together constitute the country's third largest university system, and the largest urban system. Because of this consortial arrangement, The Graduate Center is able to draw from the almost 6,000 full-time CUNY faculty, as well as the 112 with central appointments. In total The Graduate Center enjoys a faculty of 1,600 and a student body of over 4,000.

In order to tap into the critical mass of scholars studying a range of topics relevant to philanthropy and civil society, CPCS holds seminars, conducts collaborative research projects and offers fellowships. The aim is to institutionalize the study of philanthropy and civil society and to broaden their scope within the social sciences and humanities.

.Civil Society, Government, and Governance Seminar

.Ford Foundation Field Studies on Social Justice Philanthropy