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Argus Clearinghouse The Clearinghouse collects subject guides often compiled by experts. These guides are evaluated by the Clearinghouse staff. The Clearinghouse accepts relatively few guides submitted to it in order to keep its standards high.
AT&T Address and Telephone Number Locator
Other such locators include: The Bigbook and The Yellow Pages
The Big Hub A site through which you can search the web using up to eight engines simultaneously, receiving a consolitated list of results.
BUBL Link This significant collection is a UK funded project of carefully selected and annotated resources from the University of Strathclyde Library in Glasgow, Scotland.
CATNYP The New York Public Library Online Catalog.
Conducting Research on the Internet A guide to searching for high-quality information on the Internet--how to do it and what essential tools you need. Search sites are rated and tested. This page is a detailed guide to using the Internet as a research medium.
Econdata.Net A comprehensive guide to regional and national economic data sources on the web.
Encyclopedia Britannica The Encyclopedia Britannica online, along with links to websites and digital materials associated with each encyclopedia entry. Free.
Firestone Library, Princeton University Data and Statistical Services is part of Firestone Library's Social Science Reference Center. DSS maintains the University Data Library and provides reference and consulting support to users of electronic data.
The Foundation Center The mission of the Foundation Center is to foster public understanding of the foundation field by collecting, organizing, analyzing, and disseminating information on foundations, corporate giving, and related subjects. Our audiences include grantseekers, grantmakers, researchers, policymakers, the media, and the general public.
INFOMINE: Scholarly Internet Resource Collections INFOMINE is a large collection of scholarly Internet resources collectively maintained by libraries of the University of California and offering many interesting search and retrieval options
Librarians' Index to the Internet The LII is a well-organized, selective, and continually updated collection maintained by a large number of indexers in California, and may be thought of as "the thinking person's Yahoo"
The New Athenaeum A comprehensive guide to the Internet organized according to the Dewey Decimal system of library cataloguing. Sites are identified according to author, rate of update, host identity, person responsible for maintenance, etc. Contents are briefly indicated.
The Reference Desk An extensive set of online reference links.
Research It! A research site containing links to dictionaries, maps, finance, shipping/mailing, and internet search tools.
US Postal Service Zip Code directory.
Virtual Law Library In 1992, "Indiana University School of Law" Bloomington, was chosen by CERN, originators of the World Wide Web Consortium, to be the host of the Virtual Law Library, a collection of subject related Websites maintained by institutions throughout the world, each administering a different subject. The project is now managed by a independent committee made up of maintainers of various subject areas. For more information, go to Virtual Library. Material within the Virtual Law Library is organized by organization type (i.e. U.S. Government Servers) and by legal topic (i.e. Contracts). There is also a list of search tools and other comprehensive sites for law.
Web Wombat An omnibus site of links to online information based in Australia but covering the world.
The WWW Virtual Library This collection was the first subject directory on the Web, and boasts a number of comprehensive, well-annotated subject collections maintained by experts around the world.