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The Center for Responsive Politics
A database tracking political contributions by candidate, as well as a general source of information on the issue of campaign contributions.
Congressional (Email Directory) Searchable database of mail addresses organized by state.
FannieMae Foundation The Fannie Mae Foundation creates affordable homeownership and housing opportunities through innovative partnerships and initiatives that transform and revitalize communities across America.
Fedworld Department of Commerce search site for Federal Information Network.
Nonprofit Gateway Links to government information and services.
Public Information Resources Searchable database of public records organized by state and Canada.
Stat-USA STAT-USA, an agency in the Economics and Statistics Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, delivers vital economic, business, and international trade information produced by the U.S. Government to citizens. Information is produced by hundreds of separate offices and divisions of the government. It is almost impossible for individuals to find out what is available, much less obtain it and use it. STAT-USA scours the government information vaults, assembles that information in one location, and deliver it using the most advanced computer technologies available. We deliver this information through low-cost subscription services like STAT USA/Internet® and the National Trade Data Bank® CD-ROM. Reports can also be purchased on an individual basis through the Newstand on STAT-USA/Internet. Free access to this information is also available through federal depository libraries -- a system of 1,300 libraries located throughout the country.
Thomas The Library of Congress Legislative Information service.
United States Census Bureau  
U.S. Copyright Office News, information, forms.