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Arab American Community Center for Social and Economic Services 

Arab American Community Center for Social and Economic Services (ACCESS) is a human services organization committed to the development of the Arab American community.  The site provides studies relevent to the health and well being of the Arab American community.  


Applied Research Center

Applied Research Center attempts to advance racial justice by changing the way society talks about and understands racial inequity. ARC provides research in the fields of education, health care, criminal justice and immigration.


Asian American Federation of New York

The Asian American Federation is a nonprofit leadership organization that works to advance the civic voice and quality of life of Asian Americans.  The site includes recent publications and resources on the impact of natural and man-made disasters on Asians and Asian Americans, as well as economic characteristics of Asian Americans.


Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy

Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy is a national membership and philanthropic advocacy organization dedicated to bridging philanthropy and Asian American/Pacific Islander communities. The site provides fact sheets and bibliographies on giving trends to the Asian American/Pacific Islander communities.


Black United Fund

The National Black United Fund is a philanthropic institution that raises funds for and provides technical assistance to African American organizations.  The site includes statistics on philanthropy, education, employment, economics, the digital divide, health disparities, and the justice system in the African American community.


Center for Urban Research & Learning, Loyola University of Chicago 

The Center for Urban Research and Learning of Loyola University Chicago is a non-traditional university research center.  It provides research reports on a wide range of social issues.


Center on Wealth and Philanthropy 

Center on Wealth and Philanthropy is a multidisciplinary research center specializing in the study of spirituality, wealth, philanthropy, and other aspects of cultural life in an age of affluence. The site includes research reports and articles on the culture of giving and moral citizenship, among other topics.


Diversity in Philanthropy 

The Diversity in Philanthropy Project is a voluntary initiative of leading foundation trustees, senior staff and philanthropy network executives committed to increasing diversity through open dialogue and strategic action. The site periodically provides case studies on leading philanthropic institutions in various areas of foundation grantmaking and governance.


Diversity Pipeline Alliance

Diversity Pipeline Alliance is a network of national organizations who share the common goal of preparing students and professionals of color for leadership and management positions in the 21st century workforce. The site offers research and survey data focused on understanding how to better prepare people of color for professional positions.


First Nations Development Institute

First Nations Development Institute aims to restore Native control and culturally-compatible stewardship of the assets they own and to establish new assets for ensuring the long-term vitality of Native communities. The site provides research on financial services, including access to capital, predatory lending, and financial literacy to help Native tribes and peoples gain control of their assets.


Giving Forum

The Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers is a national philanthropic leader and a network of 32 regional associations of grantmakers. Of particular interest are the sections on Giving circles and Racial, Ethnic, and Tribal Philanthropy.


Grassroots Institute for Funders Training

Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training develops and strengthens the grassroots fundraising skills of people working for social justice as our contribution to building the movement. The site includes literature reviews and research on philanthropy in communities of color.


Greenlining Institute

Greenlining Institute is a multi-ethnic advocacy, research, leadership development, and public policy organization. The site offers research reports on issues relating to health, banking, philanthropy and government reform.


Hispanic Federation

The Hispanic Federation is a service-oriented membership organization that works with over 90 Latino health and human services agencies to promote the social, political and economic well-being of the Latino community.  The site includes annual surveys, quarterly newsletters, and policy reports on the Latino community.


Hispanics in Philanthropy

Hispanics in Philanthropy is a membership organization that promote stronger partnerships between organized philanthropy and Latino communities.  The site offers a variety of reports and white papers on the Hispanic community in an attempt to further educate the field of philanthropy.


Leadership Center for Asian Pacific Americans

Leadership Center for Asian Pacific Americans is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping student and community based organizations build their leadership and advocacy abilities through continuing education efforts at the grassroots level. The site provides links to other sites that involve advocacy and research organizing, arts and culture, multi-service organizations, among others.


Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics

Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics (LEAP) is committed to "grow" leaders in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. In addition to descriptions of its leadership workshop, the site includes publications relevant to the Asian American community.


National Center for Black Philanthropy

The National Center for Black Philanthropy is a nonprofit organization that promotes and strengthens African American participation in all aspects of modern philanthropy. The site provides access to materials on black philanthropy.


Native Americans in Philanthropy

Native Americans in Philanthropy is a non-profit organization that promotes giving to Native communities from both Native and non-Native donors. The site offers a number of publications that provide information and research to benefit Native philanthropy.


Resource Generation

Resource Generation promotes innovative ways for young people with wealth to align their personal values and political vision with their financial resources.   The site has a number of studies relating to wealth and philathropy.


Twenty-First Century Foundation

Twenty-First Century Foundation is a grantmaking foundation that invests in institutions and leaders that solve problems within black communities nationally. The site offers newsletters, publications, reports on issues regarding Hurricane Katrina, Black men and boys, and Black philanthropy.


W.K. Kellogg Foundation

The foundation supports children, families, and communities. The program on Philanthropy and Volunteerism includes publication and resources on philanthropy in communities of color.


Women & Philanthropy

Women & Philanthropy is dedicated to leveraging the power of women and girls to create a just society. The site includes a long listing of "must read" resources.        


Women in Philanthropy

A site that hosts a wide range of information and research on women and philanthropy including a listing of women donors.


The Social Edge, a program of the Skoll Foundation

The Social Edge blog emphasizes an entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy.


Philanthropy Journal

Philanthropy Journal blogs are geared towards the management of non-profits and issues regarding the philanthropic world.


Philanthropy 2173

Philanthropy 2173 blogs future trends as well as technology and innovation in the field of philanthropy.



Philantopic is a new blog launched by the Philanthropic News Digest, the Foundation Center's daily online news digest.  It provides a forum for a wide range of opinion, including those of well-known voices, on current trends in philanthropy.


Stanford Social Innovation Review

The Stanford Social Innovation Review blog is geared towards providing nonprofit practitioners with tools (pragmatic and intellectual ones) to run their businesses effectively.


The Chronicle of Philanthropy - Give and Take

Give and Take blogs a summary or roundup of other blogs about the nonprofit world.


Other Blogs