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Since 1989 the Center has offered a professional development International Fellows Program (IFP). The IFP, which has trained over 130 research/practitioners from more than 40 countries, has produced a series of studies on global community philanthropy, corporate social responsibility and diaspora giving. A number of these studies, as they explore how to create a culture of giving, may be of particular interest to U.S. practitioners. Beyond this, as U.S. populations grow more diverse with the significant influx of immigrant populations, a number of these studies provide snapshots of community philanthropy and civil society in diverse countries. Finally, a number of the studies examine diaspora giving. Remittance to developing countries, of which diaspora giving is likely an important, though unknown percentage, is estimated at a record $US 240 billion in 2007. A listing of, and abstracts for, these studies are presented below. Full text for selected volumes is available on request.  

A Current Assessment of the Community Foundation Latino Dynamic: Viewing Latinos and Consumers and Producers of Philanthropy

by Saché Cantu [Abstract]


An Investigation into the viability of Partnerships Between Uthungulu Community Foundation and Other Development Stakeholders: Proposal for Integrated Socio-Economic Development

by Christom Mkhize [Abstract]


Can Community Foundations Respond to the Needs of Current Philanthropic Development in Taiwan?

by Wei-Ming Sunny Ho [Abstract]


Community Foundations: A Vehicle to Endorse and Sustain Local Development Processes Taking Place in Colonia, Uruguay?

by Fabiana Hernández-Abreu [Abstract]



Community Foundations, Social Capital and Development in South Africa

by Bhekinkosi Moyo [Abstract]


Community Foundations and Social Change: Understanding Philanthropy through Community Foundations in South Africa

by Annsilla Nyar [Abstract]



Community Foundations in South Africa: Establishment and Sustenance Challenges

by Fulufhelo Godfrey Netswara [Abstract]



Community Foundations within the Context of Thai Society

byJarusri Jiravisitkul [Abstract]


Creating Sustainable Structures to Facilitate Diaspora Philanthropy

by James Magowan [Abstract]


Developing Philanthropy and Strengthening Civil Society in Greece

by Elissavet Phocas [Abstract]


Exploring the Concept of Community Foundations and its Adaptability to Latin America

by Andrés Thompson [Abstract]


Exploring the Potential and Strategies for Community Foundations in Taiwan

by Yung Hsing Kao [Abstact]



From Pennies to Dollars: Giving Locally, Succeeding Locally

by Alma Cota de Yañez [Abstract]


Hometown Association as Catalysts for the Development of Community Foundations: The Zacatecan Case

by Alejandra Cervantes [Abstract]


How Foundations Have Strengthened the Civil Society Sector Through Capacity-building and Leadership Programs

by I-Wen Wang [Abstract]


Islamic Philanthropy: Institutionalized Giving in the Muslim Perspective

by Marwa El-Daly [Abstract]



“It's All Greek to Me”—Developing Corporate Social Responsibility in Greece

by  Ellie Demopoulos [Abstract]


Partnering with Local Government:

Accelerating the Achievement of Community Foundation Sustainability

by Mark Bentley [Abstract]


The Community Foundation in the United States as a Model for Replication in Ukraine: Mechanisms for Wide Community Engagement, Inclusiveness, and Representation of the Interests of Diverse Groups

by Ihor Ilko [Abstract]


The Greater Durban Community Foundation: Civil Society and Corporate Involvement

by Benedict Cele [Abstract]


The Role of Community Foundations in Promoting Diaspora Philanthropy: a Case Study of Kenya Community Development Foundation

by Catherine Kiganjo [Abstract]


The Role of Community Foundations Locally and Factors Influencing the Success of Community Foundations around the Globe

by Andrzej Zawieska [Abstract]


The Role of Community Foundations in Supporting Third-Sector Peacebuilding in Post-Conflict Societies: Lessons from Northern Ireland

by Gráinne Kelly [Abstract]


Chinese Family Foundations in New York Today and the Conditions for Community Foundations in China

by Angela Seng [Abstract]


Implementing Lasting Change: Building the Impact of the Community Foundations through Programmatic Initiatives

by Allyson Reeves [Abstract]