From Pennies To Dollars: Giving Locally Succeeding Locally

Alma Cota de Yañez, Senior Fellow, International Fellows Program ~ 2007


Abstract: The paper examines a new philanthropic effort called the “Round Up program” initiated by FESAC Nogales. As part of the program a local NGO is selected as the recipient of a fundraising campaign undertaken by local merchants under the aegis of FESAC, Nogales. Managers and cashiers are trained about the mission of the featured NGO and ask customers at the point of purchase to round up their change and donate it to the NGO. Each NGO is selected for a three month period. The paper concludes with a series of recommendations:


  • There is momentum to promote the Round Up as an ongoing program of local philanthropy through which consumers can be support local NGOs;
  • There is the potential to present the “Round Up” as a sustainable initiative that would include local government as well as a third partner from the local business and/or maquiladora sector. FESAC could administer the expanded program;
  • The program has the potential to educate the next generations of Mexican donors to give locally on a regular basis and, even if the amounts are small, to build a culture of giving.



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