Social Responsibility as a Paradigm for Change in North Cyprus

Rana Zincir, Emerging Leader, International Fellows Program ~ 2009


Social responsibility is gaining ground in North Cyprus. Recent surveys and research conducted by Rana Zincir attest to a growing public awareness and appreciation of the civic sector. At the same time, civic initiatives which target social issues, such as health, children, education and the environment are becoming more prominent in public discussion. However, current social responsibility efforts remain fragmented, diffuse and sporadic.


Zincir elaborates on four key areas of improvement that are necessary to catalyze a new era of social responsibility: improving the credibility and performance of the civic sector; political encouragement of private initiatives for the public good; fostering cross sector public and private relationships; and mobilizing the talent of young people in North Cyprus. Zincir examines how countries like Pakistan, the Philippines, and Brazil have addressed these issues. Drawing from these case studies, she proposes several recommendations relevant to Cypriot organizations, including the need for a self-certification program for the civic sector, targeted outreach to the business community, and passing legislation demonstrating public commitment to cross sector alliances to solve social issues.


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