The Role of Community Foundations in Promoting Good Governance at the Local Level

Ranka Šarenac, Emerging Leader, International Fellows Program ~ 2005




Ranka Šarenac seeks to identify the ways in which community foundations may contribute to building more accountable and transparent local government.


Ms. Šarenac argues that community foundations are “charitable bankers” and “social change agents.” They work to keep donors informed about local needs as they balance tensions between community needs and donor wishes. Based on her research, Ms. Šarenac concludes that community foundations can promote good governance at the local level by exercising both direct and indirect influence over local authorities.


Emphasizing the need for more institutionalized philanthropic action in Serbia and Montenegro, especially at the local level, Ms. Šarenac advocates for introducing a community foundation or foundation-like organization in Montenegro. She maintains that through the core characteristics of a representative board, accountability and transparency, community foundations may serve as exemplary models for governance, particularly in countries in transition.


Finally, in order to leverage more local resources and build credibility, international donor assistance is necessary to initiate the process of establishing a community foundation in Montenegro.



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