Building Linkages for a Strong Civil Society: A Discussion Paper in Support of a Civil Society Resource Organization  

Ritu Mohan, Emerging Leader, International Fellows Program ~ 2001




Ritu Mohan's essay focuses on the application of the community foundation (or Civil Society Resource Organization) model toward mobilizing resources for the local community in Delhi, India. The author describes some of the best examples of cross-sectoral collaborations in the Philippines, Africa, and the United States, and how these models have ensured civic participation. To meet the challenges of globalization, she suggests a partnership between civil society, the nonprofit sector, and business. Her proposals are aimed at encouraging citizen action through (1) training and development inputs; (2) organizational cooperation and collaboration; and (3) employee-related programs and volunteering. She concludes that urban India, with its resources, must learn from global experiences of collective action and apply innovative approaches to sustain community development and deliver equitable growth.



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