Exploring the Role of Private Philanthropy in Strengthening Communities to End Gender-Based Violence

Nicole Rose Nieman, Emerging Leader, International Fellows Program ~ 2013




Gender-based violence (GBV) has reached epidemic proportions, with over one-third of women globally having suffered some form of violence.  The statistics are even higher in developing countries and the consequences of violence against women and girls from a health, educational and economic perspective are severe.


In her paper, Nicole Nieman focuses on her home country, South Africa, and advocates for a community-based approach, showing how gender-based violence begins in the home and how communities are well positioned to support violence prevention initiatives.  Ms. Nieman seeks to create a discourse around further support for community-based and community focused anti-GBV initiatives, by looking at: i) rational for funding in the sector; ii) suggestions for high-impact investment areas; iii) ensuring the effectiveness and long-term sustainability of investments made.


Ms. Nieman identifies ways that foundations have used their grant-making and non-grantmaking roles to significantly impact on the communities they serve and urges private philanthropy to draw on community foundations as a key resource in engaging with communities.  Through strategic non-grantmaking roles and by providing steady long-term funding to key community interventions, Ms. Nieman argues that private philanthropy can and should have a catalytic effect in the fight to end GBV across the globe.



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