Mobilizing Resources through Mexican Hometown Associations to Community Foundations in Mexico

Mariana Torres Blair, Emerging Leader, International Fellows Program ~ 2004




Through examination of a possible partnership between the Puebla Community Foundation in Mexico and the Mixteca Organization, Inc. in the United States, Mariana Torres Blair explores the conditions that have to be met in order for transnational philanthropy to result in 1) sustainable development for the community of origin and 2) accountability and transparency for the migrants' community of residence.

As part of her project, Ms. Torres Blair:


As part of her project, Ms. Torres Blair:

  • Shared information about the Puebla Community Foundation with several Poblano Hometown Associations in New York City;
  • Identified interest among migrants in channeling funds to Mexico through existing community foundations; and
  • Facilitated a meeting in Puebla in May 2004 between the Puebla Community Foundation and members of the Mixteca Organization.


Ms. Torres Blair plans to expand on her work by researching potential business and governmental involvement in the process, including the possibility of working with companies in the State of Puebla.


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