Transnational Solutions for Local Issues: Building Partnerships between U.S. Community Foundations and Mexican Hometown Associations

Julieta Méndez, Emerging Leader, International Fellows Program ~ 2006




This study is an analysis of the different ways that U.S. community foundations can partner with Mexican hometown associations (HTAs) to promote local and transnational development.  Author Julieta Méndez looks at a selected sample of twenty-one community foundations and public charities from states that have the highest presence of Mexican hometown associations and analyzes the degree of partnership and collaboration between agencies.  Her research reveals that while there is an increasing recognition of the need to work with Mexican hometown associations both for local as well as transnational development, few foundations actually have ongoing partnerships.  Facing this challenge, this study then goes on to evaluate how many community foundations are actually outreaching to the Latino communities.  Based on those cases, Méndez presents recommendations for more effective means for community foundations to partner with Mexican HTAs. The recommendations include increasing grantmaking capacities, providing matching funds to donors to engage with a greater number of local community leaders, and setting up an alliance of hometown associations to further communication and networking.



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